Friday, February 1, 2019

EBFFA Attends Fort Worth Stock Show - Bring Home Scholarships

Twenty four EB FFA members recently attended the Fort Worth Stock Show to show various animal projects and compete for scholarships.  

Cade Boettcher showed a market lamb project.  

23 members showed Breeding Beef Heifers.  Results are as follows.  
Rylee Vacek - 6th place Red Brangus
Sydnie Lackey - 4th place Polled Hereford
Paige Romero - showed a Beefmaster
Reese Coldeway showed a Brahman
Riki Nardiello - 2nd place Brahman
Reagan - 7th place Brahman
Caitlyn Fuechec - showed a Brahman
Zach Vacek - showed a Brahman
Abbey Sellers - showed a Brahman
Ralston Chumchal - showed a Brahman
Davis Coldeway - showed a Brahman
Hannah Chumchal - 8th place Brahman
Julianne Sellers - 5th place Brahman
Anne Sellers - showed a Brahman
Blake Jedlicka - 8th place Simbrah
JR Schauer - showed a Simbrah
London Cavness - 7th place Simbrah
Dalton Schmidt - 8th place Simbrah
Keegan Cavness - 5th place Simbrah
Cana Matthys - showed a Simbrah
Colby Jedlicka - 7th place Simbrah
Jayden Davis - showed a Percentage Simmental
Marshall Mahalitc - showed a Chianina

While at the Heifer Show, 5 seniors competed in the Beef Challenge Contest for a chance at scholarships.  Hannah C., Abbey S., Dalton S., Jenna L., and Zach V. started the competition with 75 other competitors by taking a test over Beef Industry knowledge.  Jenna and Zach made the finals of 13 competitors and presented a sales talk about their breed of heifer.  The Top 7 were awarded scholarships.  Zach Vacek placed 7th and won a $6,000 scholarship and Jenna Le Blanc placed 3rd and won a $10,000 scholarship.  This is the 4th year in a row that EBFFA has won scholarships in the Beef Challenge making our total scholarship wins of over $60,000 from this one contest.  

Way to go EBFFA!!!!  Congratulate these kids on a job well done!  San Antonio Stock Show will be the next major show FFA members will attend.